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Random from Featured

Members can feel free to submit deviations to Favourites. The unanswered deviation submissions to Gallery also end up in Favourites so they can still have views, but the same deviation can be still be in both Favourites and Gallery.

Elen síla lúmenn' omentielvo!

:star: :wave: You've stumbled upon Tolkien-Voronwë - what are we? :wave: :star:

Voronwë is a word of Quenya. Besides it being a name of a Noldo Elf, it also means loyalty. In this group, it's loyalty to the lore, and fun is also allowed.

We are proud to display and promote the new and experienced artistic talents alike who are fond of , which is Tolkien's fantasy universe. The more, the merrier.

Membership Requirements

As long as you're a Tolkien fan and your profile contains nothing that is thought generally offensive, you're welcome to join. Having your own gallery material that is not defined as fitting by the group rules of submission is not an obstacle to join, as long as you respect the group rules of submission and won't (repeatedly) submit material outside them.

If you're only curious, you're always welcome to add us to your watch.

Group Preferences

The main purpose of this DA group is collecting deviations that are as canon or loyal as possible to Eä - the original rich vision, lore and fantasy universe of J.R.R. Tolkien. Any theme from Arda (the world of the universe of Eä) is welcome.

Many styles of arts and crafts are allowed, but the style preference of art is mainly realistic or something fit for a storybook. What is especially welcome is originality - we encourage you to show your original products of imagination which came from reading the books. You can also post your own original fan made characters.

Remember that the group is book based. You can submit deviations about characters which bear the resemblance with the depictions in other Tolkien media, but if you do, use the book scenes rather than the possibly rewritten scripts in that media.

Content that we accept

:bulletgreen: The Silmarillion
:bulletgreen: The Hobbit
:bulletgreen: The Lord of the Rings (LotR)
:bulletgreen: Bilbo's Last Song
:bulletgreen: Unfinished Tales (UT)
:bulletgreen: History of Middle-Earth (HoME)
:bulletgreen: Children of Húrin (CoH)
:bulletblue: Other Tolkien material
:bulletblue: The "hidden moments" that happened

Content that we do not accept

:bulletred: Modernizing, save in JFF ("Just For Fun") folder. The events of Eä locate in epic ancient times in an alternate history - try to keep the atmosphere.
:bulletred: World crossovers between Eä and another universe, save in JFF folder.
:bulletred: Gary Stus and Mary Sues, save in JFF folder. Keep the characters realistic with themselves and the others.
:bulletred: Original characters that are too closely related to the canon characters. Tolkien designed quite detailed family trees for the heroes and heroines. You may understand why such characters might not fit too well in the orientation of this group.
An exception to this is depicting characters that surely exist in the family tree, but aren't much known about.
:bulletred: Original characters from any media (yours or someone else's) which were created to make the storyline to stray away from the original text.
:bulletred: Non-canon pairings (or non-canon shipping) of Tolkien's original characters. Canon pairings are allowed, but also remember which characters Tolkien meant as bachelors.

Folder Info

Featured - This folder can be edited and submitted to by the appointed moderators only who are granted a permission to edit the gallery as a whole. Especially wonderful deviations go to Featured, and a random deviation is being displayed as a large thumbnail each time someone visits the page. Within time a piece of art will be in both Featured, and it's own category folder.

Beginners - This folder is for deviations of beginning artists who wish to read some advice, tutorials and constructive criticism on the way to evolving to their own peak as artists. We all started from somewhere, so if you want these things, Beginners folder is the way to go. If you wish to your deviation moved forward from Beginners to some other folder, send us a note.

Ainur - For the Ainur as known from The Silmarillion: the first archangel or god like beings created by Eru Ilúvatar, who came to existence before Eä itself. All the mainly Vala and Maia themed deviations go here, and as the Five Wizards (Saruman, Gandalf, Radagast, Alatar and Pallando) are also Ainur, their place is also in this folder.

Misc and Other - Deviations about groups of mixed race and things that don't belong in any other category.

UT and HoME - Silmarillion is a grand source of Tolkien's lore, but Christopher Tolkien also published more of his father's text in Unfinished Tales and History of Middle-Earth series (which the folder name stands for). While some parts of the lore correlate with Tolkien's main books, some lore in them is either peripheral or abandoned. This folder accepts the deviations from them, was the lore open for debate or not.

Tolkien's Other Work - This folder is for the art based on other works of JRR Tolkien outside Middle-Earth, academic or non-academic (such as translation of Beowulf).

Original Creations - Any fan made original characters, fiction literature, films and animations go here. Emphasis on the word "original" - this folder is all about your own creations.

Just For Fun (formerly Humor and Memes) - This folder allows modern references, world crossovers and Mary Sues for things taken more less seriously such as humor, memes and greeting cards (though non-canon pairings are still not allowed).

Journals - Do you have WIP to talk about or something other Tolkien related to promote? This is where your blogs and journals are allowed. For members only.

:star: :earth: If you accept these rules, you might feel at home with us! :earth: :star:

Last updated: January 22th, 2016
As you may have noticed, Jenny Dolfen :icongold-seven: was the first co-founder in Tolkien-Voronwë, but she's no longer a co-founder and she has moved many of her deviations to the storage system. If you wonder why, she has decided to leave DeviantArt altogether, at least for now. She has explained why, in her own journal:

A mostly good-byeThis is mostly a good-bye. I've had great times here, met great friends, whose presence in my life is something I don't want to miss. A few of them are still here, and they kept me from taking this step years ago. 
Now, they're getting less and less. This site still has great artists and thoughtful commenters. But the percentage of comments containing pure idiocy is getting more and more every month. I am sick and tired of sweeping my galleries free of comments featuring masturbation, cum, tits, insults, and confrontational ignorance as a natural part of my daily routine. This is not my life anymore. This isn't my site anymore.
I have already moved most of the main offenders (deviations that just piled up idiocy in the comments) to storage a few months ago, and have now disabled comments on all my artwork.
I may still post some work here with comments turned off, but if you want to know what I'm up to (or talk to me about it - which I'd love!), the best place for that is Facebook:

She has been an inspiration to many, including myself. May she have a good life outside DA, and I'll keep watching her art elsewhere. :)

But we also have a new co-founder. He is :iconturnermohan:. We have been impressed by his unique art style, as well as his deep analysis on Tolkien lore in every piece. Welcome, James! :clap:
More Journal Entries


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